MIAMI - Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava will be present at a town hall in Aventura on Wednesday to discuss a new program the county is rolling out regarding condo owners facing special assessments for structural repairs.

Going forward the county will have a zero percent interest 40-year loan for qualifying condo owners facing special assessments for structural repairs.

The county knows the financial burden homeowners have faced because of these special assessments. Many times, like the case in the 5050 NW 7th Street building, homeowners have had to pay assessment fees and mortgage payments on top of new housing costs because they were forced out. The owners were out their homes for more than a year after the building was deemed unsafe and repairs were made.

Homeowner Mayra Gutierrez, who lives in the 5050 building, told CBS4, "Luckily my unit is paid for but I was still paying the monthly maintenance fee and, so far, two assessment fees and paying rent at the other place. So, it's been tough."

Certain Miami-Dade homeowners will qualify. The program includes anyone making up to 140% of the median income for Miami-Dade County. That is $95,620 for a single person household, $109,200 for a two person household, and $136,500 for a family of four.