An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Published September 26, 2020


Wouldn’t you expect something like “Professional Behavior” from community association managers (CAM) when it comes to dealing with the folks who in all reality are paying their salaries?


It seems like “being nice and friendly” isn’t any longer on the agenda of some of these so-called service providers.


This picture, taken at the El Conquistador Condo in Miami, is showing the community association manager Yadira Sobral and her assistant Taimy Mendez of FirstService Residential, Inc. (FSR) "giving the finger" to owners who were asking for solutions to some questions.


No matter what was said or done before the "finger-giving" occurred, something like that should never happen.


Is simple civil behavior out-of-fashion nowadays?


I’m not quite sure that this is the customer service owners should expect when hiring a professional community association management company like FIRSTSERVICE RESIDENTIAL, INC.


To me it looks like the behavior of some employees of this firm doesn’t do much to improve the reputation of this firm.