An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Published September 14, 2018


Some people like to watch COMEDY CENTRAL to get a good laugh. I love to read letters to the owners of the Boca View Condominium written by Becker Law Firm attorney Robert Rubinstein. In my opinion they are a lot funnier than the comedians on Comedy Central can ever be.


I am not an attorney – thank God – but I still may have an opinion in a country where most of the media tries to suppress the opinions of everybody not sharing their “political views.”


Just read the ATTACHED LETTER sent by Robert Rubinstein on August 7 to an owner who obviously tried to rally the neighbors to fight an – in their opinion – abusive board. As much as I can understand that the board members don’t like such "rallying cries” having their attorney writing the owners a letter threatening with about everything the attorney can think of is in my opinion about as ridiculous as it gets.


According to Rubinstein, don’t ever mention the official name of your association -- in this case the Boca View Condominium, Inc. in Boca Raton. Reading Rubinstein’s letter mentioning the name is a “trademark” violation. Well, he even quotes case that in my opinion is not quite appropriate.


Admittedly, if the owners in their letter gave the impression that even renters could vote, Rubinstein as an attorney should consider the fact that he is dealing here with non-lawyers who may not understand the actual meaning of the wording of the statutes.


As much as I understand that certain attorneys use every possibility to make a few bucks, I will never understand that board members are willing to waste good association money in order to have the association attorney mail out such nonsense – and that’s what it is in my opinion – to their neighbors.


But I don't understand why the owners don't get together and see to it that they get a board that is not making attorneys rich. Election or Recall -- one way should work!


The fight in Boca View Condominium, Inc. is going on since many years and it’s since many years a “treasure chest” for some Becker Law Firm attorneys.