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APRIL 26, 2007



the HOUSE will vote today on H 1267, sponsored by Representative Julio Robaina and co-sponsored by many other of your colleagues from both parties. The bill with two amendments (see below) has the full backing of our Governor Charlie Crist, who we voted into office to help us with our serious property insurance problems!


Florida's consumers are running out of time to mince words! We need relief from high property insurance premiums. The insurance industry has proven that they only want our money, not our risk! Don't fall for any more of their empty promises and that of the legislators they have bought and paid for! This is where it counts! You can be very sure we are watching for the vote of each of you!


You have only two options: To vote for Florida's consumers -- your constituents -- or to vote for the Insurance Industry! It is our life and the welfare of our families you will be voting upon. Believe me, our memory will last until November 2008!

This is the bill supported by the FLORIDA CONSUMER INSURANCE COALITION .
We consumer need the bill to pass with the two amendments -- nothing else! Please see below!
If you support this version you vote for your constituents. If you vote against it or for a watered down version you vote for the insurance industry! TAKE YOUR PICK!
Warm Regards,
Jan Bergemann, President
Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.
Deland, FL
(386) 740-1503



Amends legislative findings for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to protect their tax-exempt status.

  • Allows a homeowner to obtain property insurance in Citizens even if the homeowner has an offer from the private market if the private market premium is 15% more than the Citizens’ premium.
  • Extends the Citizens’ rate freeze for another year (until January 1, 2009)
  • Starting January 1, 2008, prohibits the formation of new “pup companies” for the transaction of residential property insurance.
  • Requires the rate filings of “pup companies” to include information about the profits of the parent insurer that is located out of state.

Amendment #1

·        Prevents insurers from circumventing the prohibition on new pup companies by creating holding companies to hold the Florida subsidiary insurer.

·        Gives the OIR authority to disapprove a pup company's rate filing based on the profits of the parent company (if the parent insurer returned profits of more than 15% to investors, the OIR can disapprove the pup company's rate filing).

Amendment 2

·        Changes the Citizens’ Board from 8 members to 9 members.

·        Gives the Governor 3 Board appointments instead of 2.

·        Keeps all other appointing entities (CFO, Senate President, and House Speaker) at 2 appointments.

·        Changes the appointment of the Chair of the Board from the CFO to the Governor.

·        Requires all Board members to have insurance, bond financing, business management or corporate board expertise.

·        Repeals the requirement that Board members reside in different geographical areas of the state.

·        Abolishes the Citizens technical advisory group appointed by the CFO which was charged with providing advice and information to the Board about the Board’s duties

·        Require the executive director of Citizens to have substantial insurance and managerial expertise.


CCFJ, Inc. Headquarters

1156 Tall Oaks Road

DeLand, FL  32720-1225

Phone:  (386) 740-1503

E-Mail:  board@ccfj.net

Web Pages:  http://www.ccfj.net/



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