Edgewater Bungalows resident disappointed in bid to keep artificial turf

Article Courtesy of The Villages-News
By Meta Minton  
Published June 10, 2020


A resident of the Edgewater Bungalows has been disappointed in her bid to keep artificial turf in her front lawn in The Villages.

Shirley Schwartz, in a public hearing Friday morning before the Community Development District 6 Board of Supervisors, said she first spotted the artificial turf at homes down near Brownwood.

She also saw the product prominently on display in The Villages. She connected with an artificial turf vendor at Market Night in The Villages.

“It’s a product that has been promoted by The Villages,” Schwartz said.

However, shortly after Schwartz put in the artificial turf at her home at 1139 Edgewater Lane, her neighbor decided to pursue artificial turf, too. But when the neighbor visited Community Standards to make an inquiry about artificial turf, the neighbor was told it wasn’t allowed in the Edgewater Bungalows. The neighbor reported Schwartz’s artificial turf, launching a deed compliance investigation. The violation was confirmed on April 2.

During the public hearing Schwartz continued to defend the artificial turf.

“People are knocking on my door two or three times a week asking me where I got this grass,” Schwartz said.

Artificial turf is in the front yard of Shirley Schwartz’s home in the Edgewater Bungalows.


She said it is environmentally friendly because it does not require water and it does not require harsh chemicals such as Roundup.


CDD 6 supervisors were not swayed by her testimony. They voted 5-0 ordering her to remove the artificial turf and replace it with sod within 45 days. If she fails to do so, she will be fined $150 followed by $50 daily fines until the property is brought back into compliance.