Amenity double-billing adds insult to injury for Villagers suffering through sinkhole misery

Article Courtesy of The Villages News
By Dennis Petrucelli
Published October 15, 2018


A news story informs us that, “AAC member Don Deakin said amenity fees have continued to be collected from the Village of Calumet Grove homes owned by Frank and Jan Neumann and Doris Morrill, who were forced from their homes in February. The Neumanns and Morrill are living in rental units in The Villages, where they also pay amenity fees, Deakin said.”

After reading this article what comes to mind is the saying “adding insult to injury” because that is what is exactly happening to the Neumanns and Morrill. I followed this story as it unfolded and as it moved from bad to worse.

These two families had the misfortune of buying their homes in proximity of where The Villages laid storm drainage pipes.

Eventually and inevitably soil erosion around this storm drainage pipe occurred and the powers-that-be immediately label it a sinkhole.

Perhaps the conclusion they reached is the correct one?

Perhaps the proximate cause of this loss is still under investigation and review?

It is important to these families and to the community as a whole that the cause of all soil erosions be properly determined because we are already at the mercy of insurance companies and The Villages when it comes to sink hole issues. Simply stated if The Villages is allowed to label every soil erosion problem as a sink hole problem the insurance actuarial affect will fall solely on homeowners.

A pipe where a sinkhole opened up earlier this year in the Village of Calumet Grove continues to be viewed with suspicion by residents.


The burden of amenity fees should be removed for the Neumanns and Morrill until they are back in permanent homes and all issues resolved. And, while it is a discussion for another day, the amenity issue in itself is becoming very troubling and problematic.