Protest to demand leadership change at the DBPR

Pressrelease by StopCondoAbuse

By Maryin Vargas

Published January 11, 2018



On Tuesday, January 9 2017 in a well attended event of condominium and HOA owners from Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach took place in front of the office of the DBPR in Broward County.

On a rainy day and during working hours the motivated and highly frustrated owners put on their “naranjita” (orange) tee shirt to ask the our Governor Rick Scott and DBPR to demand a leadership change at the agency. WE THE PEOPLE demonstrated because we are sick and tired of CORRUPT, BULLY Management Companies, Boards, and the crooked attorneys they use to do their bidding.


These individuals have corrupted our justice system using the courts to steal peoples homes thru fake altered ledgers and retaliating against owners with frivolous lawsuits. We believe that legislation accompanied by more disciplinary action by the Florida Bar against these bad apples will help our great state be a nice, amicable place to live.


Attorneys should never be enablers of bad if not borderline criminal behaviors.


A modest petition signed by the attendees was handed in person to Mr. Robert Waxman the new supervisor that replaced Chris Olsen.

We will continue to push the politicians to help us clean up the DBPR from the top and have the right behaviors in the Property Management and Condominium and HOA industry.