By Jan Bergemann

Published September 18, 2012


CCFJ held a fundraiser for Senator Alan Hays, candidate for the State Senate District 11 -- Central Florida, on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 in the home of Jan Bergemann in Deland. It was a great honor to welcome Senator Hays and his wife Jeanne as our guests.


Senator Alan Hays speaks to the interested audience.

Senator Alan Hays spoke to the interested audience after everybody had some great food and dessert.


He spoke about the economic challenges Florida is facing, about the problems with Citizens and property insurance altogether.


Senator Hays discussed the challenges caused by the crashed real estate market, the many foreclosures -- many are still pending -- and the many abandoned homes. Without a recovery of the real estate market Florida's economy will have serious difficulties to stabilize.


Florida's legislators will have their hands full during the next legislative session to find solutions to improve Florida's economic situation. Senator Hays spoke about the problems in community associations brought to his attention by his constituents at various town hall meetings.


In the ensuing discussion everybody agreed that everything possible has to be done to make Florida more attractive again for retirees and snowbirds from up North. It is imperative for Florida's economy that Florida will again be the Number One goal for retirees looking for their dream home in the sunshine.


A big part of this goal has to be the protection against financial and emotional abuses for these folks moving into community associations.  Legislative reforms are necessary to reassure retirees, snowbirds and investors that their life savings will be protected when they buy property in these associations.


Thank you Senator Hays for sharing your views on how to make Florida a better place to live again!


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Everybody who didn't show up missed out on a lot of ...

... good food

... and delicious cakes!

If you couldn't make it to the fundraiser in person, please send a campaign donation directly to:

Campaign Alan Hays
PO Box 2270
Umatilla, FL 32784


Thank you!