Jan Bergemann, President

Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Deland, April 28, 2014


Governor Rick Scott;


This legislative session has clearly shown what you - as Florida’s Governor - are all about: A promoter for special interests with little concern for Florida’s citizens and consumers. When it comes to homeowner association reform, your agenda has been anti-consumer and especially anti-homeowner. 

As a registered Republican who has voted for the Republican ticket all my life, I am plainly disgusted with your vision of Florida. You, with the help of “Speaker” Weatherford -- speaker in the meaning of speaking for special interest, have killed the single most important consumer protection bill that was filed - or forbidden to be filed - during this legislative session... a House companion to Senator Hays’ SB 1348.

Are you really convinced that you can buy the votes of us citizens by promising our annual car-registration fees for $25?

Word had it at the beginning of the legislative session that only non-controversial bills would pass and signed by you because of the upcoming election. In the past few weeks it became obvious that non-controversial was supposed to mean that the bill would be ok if not opposed by special interest. You obviously didn’t care if the bill would be very controversial in the eyes of Florida’s citizens.

Do you honestly believe that collecting campaign funds from special interests will buy you back the Governor’s mansion? Do you honestly believe that all registered Republicans will vote for you despite you having trampled on their rights and needs with feet? 

Your desire to achieve a sound bite of "no new fees" or "no increase of government", will allow - minimum for another year - the inability for homeowners to file a simple complaint with your DBPR in the same way a condominium owner can when abusive association leaders act illegally.

Your actions will allow greedy investors to continue to kick families out of their homes who did everything their contracts asked for (H 1061 didn’t even get a committee hearing). And the list of consumer-friendly bills killed behind closed doors goes on!

The anti-owner bill H807/S798 is passing with flying colors with more nonsense added in committees! Under the cover of clarifying existing laws this bill will do nothing but create more lawsuits - lawsuits Florida's homeowners and condo owners can ill afford. The tag team of Moraitis/Ring has created more financial damages to Florida's homeowners and condo owners than the hurricanes in the last ten years together!

I guess many Republican homeowners and condo owners will remember the good old times when we had a governor who helped passing owner-friendly bills and signed them into law:


From left: Rep. Kevin Ambler, Rep. Julio Robaina , Rep. Franklin Sands, Rep. Yolly Roberson, Rep. Joe Gibbons, Senator Alex Villalobos, Rep. Juan Zapata

After this disastrous legislative session many of Florida’s homeowners (est. 2.5 million) and condo owners (est. 1.45 million) and their families will definitely remember the good old times. I guess it’s time for Florida’s citizens to work on much needed changes on November 4. My advice to all these families (using your words): “LET’S GET TO WORK!




Jan Bergemann, President

Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.