Osceola Residents Pack HOA Town Hall, Calling for Reform

Article Courtesy of Spectrum News 13
By Stephanie Bechara

Published September 30, 2019



KISSIMMEE — State Rep. John Cortes hosted a packed town hall Thursday night to talk about Homeowners Association reform in Osceola County.

Residents from about 25 different HOAs filled the room. The Department of Business & Professional Regulation was present to take in people’s questions.

People complained about a number of concerns like not having routine elections, misappropriated funds, and lack of transparency.

Auxiliadora Gutierrez, a resident at Quail Ridge, said she’s been dealing with HOA issues for nine years and called this a nightmare.

“They put a lien saying I didn’t pay my dues. I have always been current in my HOA, and I have all the proof,” Gutierrez said.

Maria Napolitano, a resident at Turnberry Reserve, said they haven’t seen elections for their HOA board since 2012.


“Turnberry Reserve needs a huge makeover, and we need a new board. So we need the whole community to come together as a whole if they want change,” Napolitano said.

Cortes is working on four different bills regarding HOA.

Here is my opinion about the HOA RECALL BILL HB 137 filed by Representative Cortes:


From: Jan
Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2019 2:13 PM
To: 'john.cortes@myfloridahouse.gov'
Cc: 'joshua.adair@myfloridahouse.gov'
Subject: HB 137


Representative Cortes,

With all due respect, I have not seen a more ill-advised homeowners’ association bill in the last five years. This bill would destroy the only good opportunity for homeowners to get rid of abusive HOA boards, a system that works perfectly if applied correctly. Since 2004, when the momentary language was added as FS 720.303(10) by the HOA Task Force I was a member of, thousands of successful recalls have taken place in HOAs in Florida. Are you aware that there are many HOAs in Florida where just a few property owners are homesteaded?


It seems to me like you are getting advice from local folks who have over the last few years have created nothing but havoc in Kissimmee’s HOAs.


I agree that there are many things wrong with HOA legislation, but the momentary recall process is most likely the most homeowner-friendly provision in FS 720.


I guess the only people who would be willing to support this ill-advised bill are a few outspoken folks from your district and some “specialized” attorneys who hate the recall petition system because they work in the favor of the homeowners. I doubt that anybody in his right mind would be willing to support this bill!


I appreciate your willingness to deal with homeowner association issues, but please don't file bills that would do more harm than good for us homeowners.



Jan Bergemann, President

Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.