Screen writer "The Association"

DAVID SHAPIRO, Vice President


Here you can listen or download "On The Commons", taped on Saturday, January 27, 2007

Large or small, lavish or humble, opulent or plain, home is a private place. It is a place to heal, to celebrate, to nurture a family.  It is a place that reflects who we are.  It is a place to call ours.  At least it used to be.  Nowadays, with so many laws, rules and restrictions imposed on where we live and how we live, homes have become "dwelling units" and the occupants little more than care takers.  Can anything be done to restore a sense of "home" to these spaces? 
"On The Commons" with us this week is Andrew Wahlquist.  Andrew wrote a screen play and is making a movie about associations called "The Association" .  www.associationmovie.com He has been working in Hollywood as a writer and in the film business and this is his first venture into producing a movie.  He chose to bring some of the issues we deal with to the forefront on the silver screen.  We'll talk to him and find out what his inspiration was and where he plans to take his career from here.
At the bottom of the hour we will be joined by David Shapiro.  David and a group of his fellow citizens formed a non profit organization called "Citizens for Pets in Condos" www.petsincondos. org and have been working hard to take back some control over their "dwelling units".  We'll talk about what they are doing, where they are headed and how they intend to get there.


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