Here you can listen or download "On The Commons", taped on Saturday, March 10, 2007. Guest is Nevada Senator Michael Schneider.


 Senator Mikey, as he is affectionately known, has been involved with trying to "put the fires out" in Nevada for many years. He is knowledgeable about the issues and problems facing that state's exploding population and is an old hand at sponsoring legislation regulating the growing number of mandatory membership homeowners' associations. We'll get caught up on Nevada's answer to some desperately needed oversight in associations and find out what "fires" still need to be put out.


Senator Schneider is talking about the Nevada experience of an Ombudsman for homeowners' association -- and the need to give the ombudsman the necessary "teeth" to make it work. Subpoena power and dishing out punishment is necessary to make the people in charge understand that the Ombudsman means business. 


His shares his great knowledge about problems in homeowners' associations and the need to regulate them. He is talking about more new statutes in Nevada, among them a law that will take away the power of associations to "police" public roads. 


Listen to Senator "Mikey" when he talks about the board members trying to tell him that their "sacred" CC&R's supersede all other laws, including State and Federal laws. It's interesting to hear what other states do about regulating homeowners' association. 

It makes it very obvious that Florida is still far behind -- considering the protection homeowners in other states already enjoy!
The discussion between host Shu Bartholomew and Senator Michael Schneider is a lesson in how it should be done! It shows that quite a few of our Florida legislators have a lot to learn!


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