HOUSE BILL 1495 (Representatives Nelson, Hays) 

Relating to Property and Casualty Insurance

H1495    GENERAL BILL/CS/CS/CS/2ND ENG by Full Appropriations Council on General
Government & Health Care; General Government Policy Council; Insurance,
Business, & Financial Affairs Policy (GGPC); Nelson; Hays; (CO-SPONSORS)
Long; Plakon; T. Williams 

(Compare CS/CS/CS/2ND ENG/H 0569, CS/CS/1ST ENG/S 0732, CS/CS/1ST ENG/S 1950, CS/CS/S 2078)
Property and Casualty Insurance [CPSC]; Revises provisions of law
relating to SBA investments in revenue bonds, Florida Hurricane
Catastrophe Fund, My Safe Florida Home Program, debt cancellation
products under casualty insurance, standards for rate filings,
residential property insurance rate filings, transparency in rate
regulation filings relating to attorney-client privilege & work product
exemptions, etc. EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon becoming law.
03/03/09 HOUSE Filed; Introduced -HJ 00127
03/09/09 HOUSE Referred to Insurance, Business, & Financial Affairs Policy
                  (GGPC); General Government Policy Council; Government
                  Operations Appropriations (CGHC); Full Appropriations Council
                  on General Government & Health Care -HJ 00195
04/01/09 HOUSE On Committee agenda-- Insurance, Business, & Financial
                  Affairs Policy (GGPC), 04/03/09, 11:00 am, Morris Hall
04/03/09 HOUSE CS by Insurance, Business, & Financial Affairs Policy (GGPC);
                  YEAS 15 NAYS 2 -HJ 00375
04/08/09 HOUSE CS read 1st time on 04/08/09 -HJ 00371; CS filed; CS referred
                  to General Government Policy Council; Full Appropriations
                  Council on General Government & Health Care -HJ 00378; Now in
                  General Government Policy Council
04/10/09 HOUSE On Council agenda-- General Government Policy Council,
                  04/14/09, 1:15 pm, Morris Hall
04/14/09 HOUSE CS/CS by General Government Policy Council; YEAS 12 NAYS 0
                  -HJ 00487
04/17/09 HOUSE CS read 1st time on 04/17/09 -HJ 00482; CS filed; Now in Full
                  Appropriations Council on General Government & Health Care
                  -HJ 00486
04/20/09 HOUSE On Council agenda-- Full Appropriations Council on General
                  Government & Health Care, 04/20/09, 10:45 am, Webster Hall;
                  CS/CS/CS by- Full Appropriations Council on General
                  Government & Health Care; YEAS 26 NAYS 7 -HJ 00640
04/21/09 HOUSE CS read 1st time on 04/21/09 -HJ 00636; CS filed; Placed on
                  Calendar -HJ 00637
04/23/09 HOUSE Placed on Special Order Calendar; Read 2nd time -HJ 00734;
                  Amendment(s) adopted -HJ 00735; Amendment(s) failed -HJ 00736
04/24/09 HOUSE Read 3rd time -HJ 00875; Amendment(s) adopted -HJ 00876; CS
                  passed as amended; YEAS 75 NAYS 33 -HJ 00879
04/24/09 SENATE In Messages
04/28/09 SENATE Received, referred to Banking and Insurance; General
                  Government Appropriations; Policy & Steering Committee on
                  Ways and Means -SJ 00730; Withdrawn from Banking and
                  Insurance; General Government Appropriations; Policy &
                  Steering Committee on Ways and Means -SJ 00657; Substituted
                  for CS/CS/SB 1950 -SJ 00658; Read 2nd time -SJ 00658;
                  Amendment(s) adopted (947090) -SJ 00658; Read 3rd time
                  -SJ 00673; CS passed as amended (947090); YEAS 34 NAYS 2
                  -SJ 00673
04/28/09 HOUSE In returning messages
05/01/09 HOUSE Amendment(s) to Senate amendment(s) adopted; Concurred in
                  Senate amendment(s) as amended; CS passed as amended;
                  YEAS 80 NAYS 35
05/01/09 SENATE In returning messages; Concurred (257873); CS passed as
                  amended (257873); YEAS 32 NAYS 6
05/01/09 HOUSE Ordered engrossed, then enrolled