Deerfield Beach Kosher or Not Kosher Condo Elevator, Pool Praying Pits Jews Against Neighbors!

Article Courtesy of The deerfield News
By Howard Levy

Published January 25, 2017


Deerfield Beach -- In a story broke a few weeks ago regarding Jews praying at The Pool Shul. The saga continues in The Berkshire section of Century Village East, Deerfield's largest condo community.

Now it is not just the “Be true To Your Shul By The Pool” but also the elevators.

Deerfield Beach condo elevator and pool praying pits religious Jews against neighbors! In something you could only find in a South Florida condo community this one takes the cake -- I mean elevator.

Some buildings in Berkshire have KOSHER elevators that run continuously on the Sabbath. This allows religious Jews to use the elevators to get to Shul without causing it’s use to function.

Thus making it permissible for religious Jews to take up or down. ln Berkshire A apparently this is now a hot issue. is posting a letter written by a condo owner to the federal government.

In a letter  to The US Justice department David Heller is asking the DOJ to take a look at this situation.

As we have reported Sabbath services and fixing of the bathroom lights have taken place at The Berkshire pool. Our sources say this will continue this Sabbath at the pool.

Stay tuned as will be at the pool and follow up with the elevator debacle. Keeping an eye on what is kosher and not kosher.

The evening services on January 21 were again held at the Berkshire pool. About 40 Jews were in attendance.


A copy of the letter written by David Heller to the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.