Condo Board Threatens To Kick Out WWII Vet, Dog

Courtesy CBS4 -- Miami - Ft. Lauderdale

Joan Murray, Reporting
Published 08/12/2006


Condo Board Threatens To Kick Out WWII Vet, Dog
Cameras Caught Other Residents Living With Pets


(CBS4 News) SUNRISE A dog once abandoned, and a World War II veteran forged a nurturing friendship that allowed the two of them to get better, but if a Sunrise condo association has their way, the two either have to split or get out.

Most retirement communities don’t allow pets of any kind to live on their properties, though often times the rules are ignored by all parties. So in 2005 when Anthony Tronolone rescued a Yorkie-Chihuaha mix that was sick and infected with worms, he thought he had found relief for his post-traumatic stress disorder and a new companion.

The tales from his wartime experiences in Normandy are anything but pleasant.

 Randy, like his owner, was going through some difficult times when he was adopted.


“I met these guys whose eyes were looking at us, telling us ‘Why do we have to live’?” said Tronolone. “No arms, no legs, there were about 30 of them."

Tronolone, who is a disabled veteran in his 80’s, had nightmares that wouldn’t stop every night. His doctor recommended he get a pet as therapy, but in June he got a letter from the Sunrise Lakes Condo Association telling him and his wife they could not have a dog.


Joe Bockstein, condo association president, says the couple should know better than to have a dog because Tronolone’s wife Carole is a board member.

The Tronolones thought that their doctor’s note would spare them from getting kicked out, along with the fact that many residents also keep pets in clear sight within their condos. CBS4 News got video of some of these animals.

However, Bockstein's words were not kind to the couple.

“For 50, 60 years, he hasn’t had any animals; now all of a sudden he needs a dog,” said Bockstein. “Let him use Carole to depend on, not a dog.”

The couple hopes to win their pet battle based on the Fair Housing Act, which states you cannot discriminate against therapeutic animals. Bockstein says he will go against any other owners he discovers with pets. 

Daniel Lastra, CBS4.COM