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Deland, December 01, 2006


Dear Legislators,


It's great to call a special session, but are you really serious about making the changes necessary to stop the property insurance disaster?


As stated in an article yesterday (quote): "Stephen MacNamara, a former senior legislative staff member who now is a professor of communications at Florida State University , said the state commission run by Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings was a face-saver for Jeb, who was unable to develop an agreement that would allow this to have been handled under his watch.’"


I guess that sums it up really well, because only one of the many proposals of the Commission can really be taken serious --  Equal building codes for the whole state!  Everything else is a cover-up for the insurance industry at the expense of the property owners!


Do you honestly think that owners unable to pay high insurance rates are able to find the money for the proposed outrageous deductibles in case of hurricane damage?


I know this letter may not make me lots of friends among Florida 's legislators, but I think I can live without these "friends" if they cost my fellow citizens and me a lot of money and grief. Who needs enemies if he has "friends" like this?


Let's make one thing very clear: Radical times call for radical changes! And that is exactly what we need if we want to see a solution to the insurance disaster! So, I apologize for my "direct" language in advance and hope you all understand that it's sheer frustration that causes me to use this very "direct" language!


I thought the election was a wake-up call for certain people. But from yesterday's comments in the media it seems pretty obvious that some of our leading legislators still haven't gotten the message. And the same legislators that failed us in the last two years are back in the power seats in House and Senate. And they are back with the same lame excuses --  excuses our wallets can't afford any longer!


Please note again: The results of the election – whatever else the spin-doctors may be telling you -- were a clear vote by the people against the politics we constituents saw in Tallahassee during the last two years. May I remind you that the vote against Tom Lee and Frank Bolanos was as well a vote against Governor Jeb Bush? When you watched the Lee campaign ads, you were not sure if you were supposed to vote for Tom Lee or Jeb Bush!


I know quite a few people who voted for Alex Sink, not because she is a Democrat or has more knowledge about financials issues than Tom Lee -- but because of Tom Lee's record as Senate President and his role in passing Senate Bill 1980.


Ever thought about the fact that in the last elections every former Speaker or Senate President running for public office suffered crushing defeats? 

If you haven't realized it yet, the insurance industry is not willing to take our risks, they just want our money! All the bait the legislature used in the last two years to make them write reasonable priced property insurance policies is not working -- they just want profits without the risk.


If they don't want our business, why should we beg them to take it?


The insurance industry forced Florida to create Citizens to insure the risks they didn't want to underwrite. So, let's stop kissing the insurance industry’s butt and turn the tables!


Ever considered letting Citizens write the complete property owners' policy? The agency is in place, functioning better and better -- if it weren’t for Senate Bill 1980. Let's keep the profitable business in Florida as well!  If you look into history, that's how insurance started -- not with greedy insurance companies!


What does it take to make Florida 's legislators realize that we owners need serious relief, not just lip service?


People weeping at town hall meetings, crying old ladies on the phone, desperate e-mails, fast-climbing numbers of home foreclosures? It obviously still didn't get the attention of some legislators, judging by yesterday's quotes in the media.


Maybe we should use a method that has proven to be very effective in homeowners' associations and condo associations: Recall the people unwilling to listen to the majority! Since association law lacks enforcement, recall is often the only way to be heard!


Maybe we should start recalling the Speaker of the House or the Senate President in order to get the attention of our legislators? Are radical methods necessary to show how desperate many of Florida 's citizens really are? Don't count on the usual apathy from homeowners when families are losing their homes because they can't afford the insurance premiums and property taxes.


Please think about it -- and take the necessary action in January -- it's long overdue!



We, The People, elected you to represent us, The People, not the interests of the insurance industry!

Warm Regards,

Jan Bergemann, President
Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.


League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
Property Owners Association in the Villages (POA)
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 11 
Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches (FHCGPB)