Condominium Board Certification Seminar


Press Release October 26, 2010


Florida ’s First-Ever Condominium Board Certification Seminar Held

by Glazer & Associates to Help Directors Meet New Legal Requirements


150 Attend Free Event at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino –

 call the Session a “Huge Success”


“An outstanding seminar, an outstanding evening.  Every association director

needs to be at this event.” – Marina Paez-Johansson, Condominium Director


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (October 26, 2010) –  History was made recently as more than 150 participants, representing more than 70 associations in South Florida, took part in the state’s newly required Condominium Certification program at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hotel in Hollywood.


Called the “Condo Craze Board Certification Program,” the free seminar was the first attorney taught course approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to certify elected or appointed condominium directors.   

Those directors can either complete the requirement on their own, attesting that they read lengthy Florida Statute 718 and all of the condominium's governing documents or they can opt to attend an approved seminar.

“Our goal was to simplify complicated and misunderstood topics that will arise during their terms,” said attorney Eric Glazer, of Glazer & Associates, P.A., seminar moderator and the first attorney approved to teach the course. “It was an  evening in which we were able to demystify and explain in detail the laws contained in Florida Statute 718 that these directors will deal with on a

daily basis,” added Glazer, the radio show host of “Condo Craze & HOA’s,” a top rated call-in show broadcast on 850 WFTL, Sunday afternoons from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.


“I thought Mr. Glazer did a wonderful job of explaining the details of the law,” said Marvin Marks, a director at the Residences of Emerald Hills in Hollywood . “I would have never been able to figure this out on my own.”


Topics included Budgets and Reserves, Financial Reporting, Condominium Operations, Board Maintenance, Access to Records, and Dispute Resolution.


“This seminar is a must,” said Marina Paez-Johansson, the president of Kenland

Walk IV in Miami . “I attended to ensure our association was abiding by state rules. Eric was outstanding.”


The evening included refreshments, deserts at intermission, $100 casino raffles, and often lively questions and answers.


At the end of the evening participants received a certificate indicating they attended the seminar, which satisfies the state’s requirements.


Community Association Managers who attended the seminar received four continuing education credits.


There are no remaining seats available for the next three seminars. Details of a February seminar will be announced soon. For additional information please visit


Individuals not yet seated on their Board of Directors are also permitted to be certified in advance, Glazer said.

Attorney Eric M. Glazer of Glazer & Associates, P.A. ( has been practicing association law for more than 18 years, in conjunction with representing hundreds of community associations throughout Florida . Glazer is also the radio show host of “Condo Craze & HOA’s” ( a top rated call-in show on 850 WFTL Sunday afternoons from 12:00 – 1:00.   “Condo Craze & HOA’s” presents a lively forum that ranges in topics from dealing with condo commandos to surviving foreclosures, from fighting fraud to enforcing association and condominium regulations. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Glazer obtained his law degree form the University of Miami School of Law and established his law firm, Glazer & Associates, P.A., which has been predominantly dedicated to association law since 1994.