Homeowners claim their KB homes are falling apart


Article Courtesy of ABC Action News

By Kimberly Kuizon

Published September 8, 2012

BRADENTON, Fla. - Nicole Camman was just one of the homeowners from the Willowbrook subdivision in Manatee County to show up to Thursday's commission meeting.

"I don't know if we can even say that they have taken action.  We are beyond frustration at this point," she told Manatee County Commissioners.


It is the first time she got the chance to be face to face with George Glance.  He is the president of KB Home of Central Florida. It's the company that built her home.

But none of the homeowners are happy with the message he delivered.

"We are not going to buy back any homes.  I stand here in front of you, representing KB home, ready, willing, and able to start these repairs," said Glance.

Homeowners said they can not take much more.  Many are dealing with water damage, mold and crumbling balconies. The repairs, so far, are not living up to their expectations.

George Glance, president of

KB Home of Central Florida

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"This is a whole other job for us to be here to do this," said Camman.

Several homeowners wonder when the company will deliver on the deal it made with the Willowbrook home owners' association.

"We don't really understand what is going on," said Dan Kehler.

That deal allows the association to hire an engineer and contractor of it's choice. A third party will then inspect the repairs and KB Home will pick up the tab.

"We understand our customers' concerns and we are addressing those concerns," said Glance.

The company wants to make sure the homeowners know it will not abandon them.

"This is not a settlement.  We are not writing a check and walking away.  We are standing side-by-side with the association," said Glance.

Despite those assurances, commissioners delivered a stern warning to the builder. 

"It cuts to my core that these residents have been put out.  People have gone bankrupt, health issues," said Manatee County Commissioner Robin DiSabatino.