Turnberry homeowners sue HOA board, management firm

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 9 WFTV

By Karla Ray  

Published October 31, 2019




KISSIMMEE - 9 Investigates learned an Osceola County Commissioner is calling on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the homeowners association management company that hired an ex-cop-turned-felon to work inside a Kissimmee community.

Channel 9 has been covering the back and forth between people who live in the Turnberry Reserve neighborhood and Management 35 Firm, which manages the community on behalf of the HOA.

Investigative reporter Karla Ray first exposed neighbors' concerns in the community, and she learned some of those homeowners have now filed a lawsuit against the management company and
current HOA Board.

Some homeowners inside Turnberry Reserve were issued HOA fines and violations for holding signs during a demonstration earlier this month, encouraging residents to vote in a new HOA board
of directors.    

"Every single time I'm exposed, I receive a violation," homeowner Waleska Herzog said.

Commissioner Fred Hawkins said the notices of violation are invalid, because the demonstration took place on county right-of-way, not HOA property.

"That is county property, and it belongs to the citizens. They have a right to stand out there and protest. There's nothing she can do about it, and the county doesn't even require a permit for it," Hawkins said.

Hawkins is now asking the FDLE to investigate the owner of Management 35, Sherry Raposo. Four homeowners just named her in a lawsuit, along with the current HOA board members, and her live-in business partner, Joseph Conover, who we exposed is an ex-cop-turned-felon working in the community. The suit details the recent fines and also a claim that the homeowners have been denied access to the HOA's website, preventing them from paying on their account balances.

"The common denominator in all the issues we're having within our community, is Management 35, Sherry Raposo and Joseph Conover," homeowner Maria Napolitano said.

Hawkins believes the fines from Management 35 are targeted.

"It's not a coincidence, and if Sherry's watching this and she wants to have her attorney send me a cease and desist letter like everyone else, go ahead and do that Sherry, I'd like to see you in court trying to stop me," Hawkins said.

9 Investigates reached HOA President Diana Boyd by phone on Monday. She said everything she has done has been with the best interest of the community in mind, and then hung up.