Retirement community sues to have toddler move


Retirement community sues to have toddler move

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Published April 1, 2007

The Broffman's said they are trying to move, but haven't found a buyer in the sluggish housing market.


It's residents versus a neighborhood association.

A Clearwater homeowners association is trying to force a three-year-old girl out of its neighborhood and the case is headed to court.

The 55-plus community bans residents under the age of 18.

The Lakes homeowners association has sued the grandparents of Kimberly Broffman. But her grandparents said the child's mother has a drug problem so they need to take care of the toddler.

Judie and Jimmy Stottler said they've tried to sell their home, but they live on a fixed income and haven't found a buyer and can't afford an attorney. They said their granddaughter has been living in the community in violation of homeowners association rules for three years.

There have been no takers to buy their house, even after they lowered the $189,000 asking price by $10,000 six months ago.

The Lakes homeowners association filed suit to oust the youngster last month.