Flag-Flying Family Has Court Date Next Month
Articles Courtesy of Tampa Tribune

Published: Jan 17, 2002
GLEN LAKES - A family flying an American flag in defiance of homeowners association orders will be in county court Feb. 7. 
The family faces the possibility of daily fines imposed by the Glen Lakes Estates homeowners group. 

The Chapman family was among the first to move into Glen Lakes about three years ago. 

"We always had a flag in front of our house in Rhode Island,'' said Sylvia Chapman. "We packed it with our stuff when we sold our house up there and when we moved here, we put it up.'' 

Chapman said that before putting up the flagpole, her husband, John, asked each of their new neighbors if they had a problem with a flagpole. They didn't, she said. 

The homeowners association took the Chapmans to court. It might do the same with a second family that has refused to remove its flag. 

Dave Shelton