Jan Bergemann, CCFJ., Inc.

You can listen and/or download the talk show "On The Commons" taped on Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guest on the show is Jan Bergemann, president of the Florida based Cyber Citizens for Justice. CCFJ has recently conducted a survey of people who have an interest in HOAs in Florida. The participants include industry professionals as well as homeowners. Shu and her guest are discussing the survey and what the results reveal. We'll also find out whether or not Americans want to live under such harsh and dictatorial conditions.

Every single day there is at least one HOA/condo story in some part of the country. Whether the headline grabber happens to be someone who is denied the right to fly Old Glory, or exercise the right of free speech, or freedom of religion or a homeowner who neglected to get a hose approved, or shutting down children's lemonade stands on common areas for fear of "lowering property values", proponents of all the rules, regulations, restrictions, penalties, foreclosures and fines, to name just a few, would have us believe that living in fear and misery is good for us and the only way to protect property values. But what do the homeowners have to say about it? Do people want to be harassed, abused, penalized? Do they really want to live in fear of losing their homes and live in absolute terror of what their associations would do to them?

The survey sure doesn't agree with these "proponents." You'll find the results, the analysis, and comments at:



Please listen to this interesting talk show with the discussion about the survey, the hot topic in Florida right now, the sheer stupidity of what many boards and associations do, some of the law suits and the complete and utter waste of money that seems to be the norm in a flawed housing scheme. 


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