Julio Robaina

Here you can listen and/or download the latest talk show "On The Commons" taped on Saturday, October 31, 2009. Talk show host Shu Bartholomew talks with State Representative Julio Robaina, Distr. 117 (R), Miami/Dade about the many serious problems in community associations and some bills being filed for the 2010 Legislative Session. But priority No.1 remains dealing with the huge financial problems caused by foreclosures and unpaid dues.

Right from the very beginning of the mass produced associations, problems cropped up that needed to be dealt with.  At first the solution to all problems was "education".  When education failed to fix things, the association industry started lobbying state legislatures to enact laws to "protect associations" .  Those laws did little more than stir the pot and make things worse so more laws were lobbied for and more problems reared their ugly heads and more laws found their way into the hallowed halls of state Capitols across the country - and the vicious cycle continues, for the most part, unabated. 


A very small handful of legislators had the foresight and the backbone to try to make the owners and tax payers whole by sponsoring homeowner friendly bills.  Some of these bills survived the brutal attacks of the opposition and their "hired" law makers but most were either gutted or went down in defeat.  And yet the problems continue to grow.


One of the big problems with successful association reforms: The unwillingness of many owners to get involved in the fight for reforms!

"Without the help of the constituents even legislators willing to fight for owners' rights don't have a chance to succeed!"


Listen to this interesting show -- and listen carefully: Legislators and constituents have to work together to pass meaningful reforms in Tallahassee.