Former Hollywood Beach condo manager wanted on embezzlement charges

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 10 News

By Bob Norman   

Published June 23, 2015



Kristin Glansen used to run condo associations – now she's running from the law. Hollywood police have put out a grand theft warrant for the arrest of the 35-year-old condo manager, who allegedly embezzled more than $225,000 from The Waterway condominium on Hollywood Beach over a two year period. A police spokesman said her whereabouts are unknown but that detectives are following "investigative leads" in an attempt to find her.


"I'm hoping they catch her, but it sounds like she's gotten a pretty good jump on things," said Waterway resident Dan Brucki. "If I was her, I'd probably be out of the country by now, but here's hoping they catch her."

Police said Glansen created a bogus company called Willis Homes, which has a very similar name to the condo's actual insurance company, Willis of Florida. She then began cutting big check after big check – one of them as high $47,000 – to the fake company, according to a civil lawsuit that has been filed in the case.

"The prior manager here walked away with a lot of money wrongfully," said condo attorney Eric Glazer, who filed the complaint. "She cut the checks basically to Willis or Willis Homes and put it in her very own bank account, making it appear as if insurance bills were getting paid."


Glazer said a big mistake made by the condo board was giving Glansen the power to sign checks.

Kristin Glansen allegedly embezzled more than $200,000 from condo.


Along with a former board president, Glansen signed each of the checks in question.

Glazer said that now residents must hope not only that they win a judgment against Glansen, but hope that she hasn't spent all of the money and they can collect on their alleged losses.
Anyone with information on Glansen's whereabouts should contact the Hollywood Police Department at 954-967-4411.