Local 10 investigates management company dubbed 'Condo crime family'

Video Courtesy of Local 10 News

By Bob Norman

Published May 23, 2015

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Local 10 investigator Bob Norman has uncovered numerous cases of rampant mismanagement in homeowners associations across South Florida. One family-run management company stands out when it comes to complaints and alleged crimes, in fact, one former state senator has dubbed them the "condo crime family."
They call it "River City", but this run-down community's real name is Miramar Gardens. No wonder: The drains are clogged and broken and resident Maria Mendes says that this is just the beginning of the problems. Many blame the homeowners' association management company which collects fees every month. This management company, named Timberlake, is a family affair: Bob Dugger his wife Rachel and daughter Rachel Padilla. But former State representative Julio Robaina has a different name for them. He calls them the "Condo Crime Family". Julio Robaina chaired a committee on condo abuses until 2010 and one name always came up during the investigations: Timberlake and the name of the Dugger family. A list of complaints made to the state is going on and on and on. More than 30 cases during the last 18 years reveal failure to reveal financial information, violations of election rules, stealing money, making fraudulent representations -- you name it! Some were dismissed,, others lead to fines and suspensions. Bob Dugger didn't want to speak with Bob Norman, but he has retained his license despite all these controversies.
Miramar Garden residents wish the state would have done more. A resident stated that Bob Dugger kicked him off the association board when he began asking questions about Timberlake's spending. Much of the fault can be blamed on the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The Department has plainly failed to take the necessary action to stop these illegal actions.