Couple asked to take down American flag

Article and Video Courtesy of WTSP - Tampa Bay's 10 News

Tampa / St. Petersburg

Published December 5, 2007

By: Preston Rudie

New Port Richey, Florida For the past 9-months Gary and Susan Grant have been flying an American flag in their New Port Richey backyard.

The flag, flies from a 16-foot tall pole. But last month the Grants were told their flagpole violated their Homeowners Association guidelines and now the Grants have been told they have 15 days to bring it down.

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I cried and I felt like someone had died and I dont want to take it (the flag) down. If I have to I will, but its the last thing I want to do said Susan Grant.

Calls to the HOAs management company, The Melrose Management Group, were not returned on Tuesday. Melrose has told the Grants they can fly an American flag but say it must fly from a pole installed to a bracket on the side of their garage.