Pasco County HOA call homes 'unsafe'

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 10 News

By Mark Rivera

Published December 26, 2014

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Wesley Chapel, Florida -- Pasco County neighbors in the Bay of Cypress Creek development say their builder, Pulte Homes, put them in a dangerous situation.

The homeowners' association claims in a lawsuit filed earlier this year the second-floor walls of their townhomes are unstable and could collapse in a high wind.

"I was fearful, I like didn't know if the second floor was gonna collapse on us," said homeowner Nickolle Lindo.

There are patched cracks in stucco everywhere. The development is only 10 years old, but homeowner Dan Perkins said the problems started 5 years ago and he is sick of it.

"Is there a home that doesn't have any of this? They all have this. Back, front, side, it doesn't matter. They all do," said homeowner Dan Perkins. "It's disgraceful."


The patchwork of repairs can be seen from the street.

HOA attorney Alan Tannenbaum said his clients need help because they are living in a dangerous situation.


Tannenbaum said the 25 buildings built in 2005 and the 176 families who live at The Bay of Cypress Creek have a problem.

He said his experts have verified the second-floor walls are not properly anchored to the first floor and could collapse during a storm with high winds, like a hurricane.

The homeowners association even sent out a letter warning residents to evacuate during a storm with high winds because "the second-floor walls are at risk of falling."

"Yeah what are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go?" asked homeowner Rob Huckins. "We're kind of stuck in between a rock and a hard spot 'cause we're expected to pay the mortgage. At the same token, we may not be able to live in our own homes."

In response to the suit, Pulte moved to have the issue arbitrated.

When 10 News took the issue to Pulte, the company responded in part with this statement: "While Pulte Homes and the HOA agree that some repair work needs to be performed, the two parties are unfortunately on opposite sides of the cost to repair the issues."

Meanwhile, people who live at Bay of Cypress Creek say they feel trapped.

"Individuals who try to move out, we can't because we have to disclose this to individuals who are renting here," Lindo said.

"There ain't no such thing as perfect, but this is ... this is scary," said renter Christian Santana.

This is an ongoing issue and again, Pulte told 10 News these homes are safe to live in. But we'll keep you updated on the outcome.