Board of alleged criminal condo in North Bay Village holds closed-door meeting
Many Kennedy House residents demand that entire board resign

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 10 News

By Bob Norman     

Published March 16, 2015  



Condo manager keeps job following arrest on forgery, grand theft charges.

NORTH BAY VILLAGE -- The management and board of directors of the alleged crime-ridden Kennedy House condominium met Wednesday for a closed-door meeting.


Condo manager Rachel Badilla has been arrested on forgery, grand theft and organized scheme to defraud charges after allegedly stealing from association funds and stripping a unit of its $25,000 kitchen.

Badilla remains in her job and has sole control of the condo's books despite the criminal charges.


For the first time Local 10 News saw condo President Leonardo Falcon, who was charged Saturday with joining Badilla and her assistant, Alejandra Saucedo, in the theft of a Kennedy House unit next door to his own and tried to avoid our camera before realizing he was in the wrong elevator.

"I have no comment, sir," Falcon said.

"You have no comment? You're charged with a crime," Local 10 News reporter Bob Norman told Falcon.


Actually, state law demands that Falcon step down while facing the criminal charge after he allegedly took part in ripping off the unit, which was next door, but Falcon had nothing to say.

The meeting wasn't even held at the Kennedy House or in North Bay Village, but miles away in an attorney's office in Coral Gables, leaving condo building residents in the dark.

"I want answers to these questions and our board members are nowhere to be found," said resident Lynn Ragusa.

"Why aren't you guys at the Kennedy House right now? People think you are holding a secret meeting here," Norman asked as the elevator door closed.

Currently, the president and management remain in power despite the criminal charges. The condo's residents just want to get their board back.

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