Condo president admits wrongdoing in court after Local 10 investigation

Video Courtesy of Local 10 News

By Bob Norman

Published May 2, 2015

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Investigative reporter Bob Norman reported about all kinds of horror stories about nightmare condo boards. Today Justice was served on one of the condo commandos Bob Norman has exposed. And the owners in the Georgian Court North Apartments in Ft. Lauderdale are breathing a sign of relief. Bob Norman reported last September that Ed Ryan, the board president, bought himself a car and paid himself hundreds of thousands of dollars from association funds over several years. This morning in the County Courthouse Ed Ryan finally admitted that he had broken the law. He entered a plea deal admitting that he managed the condo without a license. 
After the initial investigation the State attorney's office criminally charged him with managing a condo without a license. Today he pleaded guilty and -- according to the prosecutor -- must resign from the board immediately, do 35 hours community service, serve three months of probation, return the car and write a letter admitting wrongdoing. Ryan wasn't forced to pay restitution , but the owners filed a civil suit to recover their money!