Relief for some residents after severe flooding

Article and Video Courtesy of 10 News -- Largo

By Sarah Hagen

Published October 1, 2014

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LARGO, FLA. -- As the soggy weather continues to soak the Bay Area, 10 News gets answers for residents in a condo complex that saw severe flooding this weekend.


Tonight Sarah Hagen is back at Park Village Condos in Largo to check and see if management showed up as promised today.

The drain was barely visible last night, but tonight it's working as it should. It was a big difference from what residents experienced last night when the road looked like a river.

"It was bad. The water was too much for us," said one tenant.

Management promised 10 News they would arrive at the complex to check on residents and make sure the drains are working properly today.

"There was no problem last night when we got there," said management on the phone, "The city drains could only take so much."

Residents say management did show up and looked into the problem, "I feel safer and I think they did something with the drainage, but we won't know until it gets real bad." 10 News monitored the complex for hours; all the while, the drains did their duty.

Management blames last nights flooding on heavy, unusual rain and says they're making it a point to unclog the drains. If this continues they'll be following up with the city of Largo. We will keep you posted.