Sunbeam condo owners concerned about proposed zoning change

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 12, Jacksonville

By Ken Amaro

Published September 11, 2013

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was a landfill that turned into a field of dreams, but a few years ago those dreams fizzled.

"We bought in here hoping it would be near an eighteen hole golf course," said Don Spencer. 

Spencer bought his retirement home in Edgewater at Sunbeam, a condominium community next to the closed Sunbeam Road landfill. Spencer and his neighbors said a strong selling point was a golf course, which went from 18 holes to nine holes to nothing.

"It would be selfish if it was for us, it can't be private, it would be public," he said. 


Even though it would be separate from Spencer's condo community, it would improve property values, but Spencer said more than that, it was promised.


"No homes were to be constructed until a golf course was open," he said. "That was clearly stated."


A developer has filed an application for a zoning change and that has Spencer and his neighbors concerned. What does it mean? Will it include the promised golf course?

The proposed planned unit development is in Councilwoman Lori Boyer's district.

"I understand their concern," said Boyer. "It was represented to them when they built their homes that the Golf course was part of the recreation land for the PUD."


The application has yet to go through the various committee hearings, she has to see what was proposed in the original zoning versus what's being proposed now. 

"The individual who owned the property business failed," she said. "I would love to find someone to take over the golf course, if it is not part of the original we can't make them."

Spencer said the concerned homeowners plan to take their opposition to the planning board.

"We're against it with the caveat that was the original intent that no homes will be built until the golf course is open," said Spencer.