Veteran faces condo eviction

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 12 CBS

By Chuck Weber

Published November 30, 2012

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WEST OF BOYNTON BEACH-- He served in the Navy for decades, and has a doctorate from UCLA. But now Charles Below suffers from early stage Alzheimers Disease. And after his girlfriend's recent death, Below may find himself out on the streets.

Below lives with his chihuahua in a condo in the Lime Tree development west of Boynton Beach. Below's girlfriend owned the condo. Now Below says the condo association has told him, he was never approved to live there, and has to get out-- within days.

Asked where he will live, Below says he doesn't know. "I got the dog," said Below. "I can't find a place. I don't have but 640 dollars a month. So where do I have to live?"


Below says he survives on the monthly government

check of $640. He's likely entitled to military benefits, but he says there are missing records and he's been unable access that help.


CBS 12 went to the Lime Tree condo office. Two men inside told us to leave and declined to accept a business card.


"Nothing to say to you about it," one of the men said.


CBS 12 has learned the 211 help line's special senior unit recently started working with Below, hopefully getting him some of the assistance he needs.