Tenant fights to display the American flag

Article and Video Courtesy of CHANNEL 13

By Stephanie Coueignoux

Published July 24, 2010

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A resident has 24 hours to remove an American flag from his apartment window, or else management will remove it themselves.

Carlisle Vereen is not only shocked, he's determined to keep that flag taped to his window.

However, his apartment complex said he's breaking the rules. 

Vereen is a man who loves his country. He is a Vietnam veteran whose family has a long tradition of serving this country.

"I fought for that flag, Vereen said. 'I've bled for that flag. My father fought for it, my brother fought for it and my son fought for it in Afghanistan and Iraq."

For that reason, Vereen has taped up a paper flag to the inside of his apartment window.

"It's freedom, it's patriotism and that's why it's up there," Vereen said.

But that flag could soon come down.

Manatee Bay Apartments, where Vereen lives, issued a notice, saying "The following items need to be removed from your window within 24 hours or they will be disposed of by Management."

"I was dumbfounded," Vereen said.

Vereen said he put up the flag last Thanksgiving without any issue.

The notice states no signs are allowed on doors or windows. Both Vereen's next door and downstairs 

neighbors also have flags. Neither said they have received a notice.

Vereen said he's already hired a lawyer and is ready to fight.

"They may want to evict me after Ive been here over 10 years, but I'll do that before I take that flag down," Vereen said.
News 13 called the complex and asked to speak with the woman who issued the notice. We were told us she would not be available until Friday.

Because the flag is taped to the inside of the window, someone would have to go inside Vereen's apartment and take it down. If this happens, they would be looking at filing charges of breaking and entering.