"Iím checking around my building and seeing who is on the list," said Mary Ducolon.


Ducolon is fed up with paying for other people. As a retiree on a fixed income, she said she's on a tight budget herself.

"Why should we pay? We're paying every month and if they are not paying, why should we pay for them?" Ducolon said.


Recently, the association levied a special assessment fee of $200 for each resident because they needed the money to make up for all the unpaid dues.


About 10 percent of all owners in Southpointe aren't paying their HOA fees, which adds up to approximately $89,000.

If residents still won't or can't pay their dues, the assocation will start foreclosing on those properties within the next few months.

So what can you do if you just don't have the money to pay these fees?

The Southpointe Condominium Association told News 13 Wednesday night it's important to talk with your homeowner's association and possibly work out a payment plan, so they won't foreclose on your home.