Homeowners not allowed to post political signs

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NBC 2 NEWS, Port Charlotte

By Kate Eckman

Published October 13, 2008


With the presidential election just 22 days away, campaign signs are a common sight outside homes across southwest Florida. While Florida may be a battleground state, one Charlotte County community is facing a campaign war of a different kind.


"I think they're going a bit too far when they're telling you what you can put on your own front yard," said Ursula Geiser, an Obama supporter, who lives in the Deep Creek community.

But that's exactly what a Punta Gorda property owner's association is doing.

They're handing out notifications of deed restriction violations to people who've posted political signs in their own front yards.

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"I'm very surprised for one because it's election season and I think it's very patriotic to have a sign supporting your candidate in your yard," said Deep Creek homeowner Rachel Penn, a McCain supporter.

"I thought by putting it out there I could maybe help garner some other votes for him because I'm very enthusiastic about his campaign," Geiser said.

"Under Florida law for home community associations we're within our rights to have that kind of restriction," said Woods.

Penn added, "What we are all here for in America is to be able to express our political opinions."

And that's what both women say they will continue to do by keeping the signs in their yards. They hope they stay free of a violation notice, at least until after the election.