HOA demanding couple plant grass on property
Couple has 10 days to remove stones from yard

Article and Video Courtesy Channel 2 - WESH 2 NEWS

Published February 16, 2013

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BAREFOOT BAY, Fla. A turf war is unfolding in Brevard County. 

A couple who re-landscaped their yard to save water has run afoul of a homeowners' association. It's demanding the couple put in St. Augustine grass.

Bill Byron spent about $5,000 to install different colored stone and retaining walls in his yard, but the HOA hates it.

"They have chomped down on it and won't let go, like a pit bull," said Byron.

Byron said he put in the lava rock and decorative stone trim to save water.
"It took me a year and a half, almost two years 

because I'm disabled and it is hard for me to do it, but I wanted to do it myself," said Byron.

He points out that St. Augustine grass, typically overwatered and soaked in too many chemicals, is one of Florida's biggest environmental problems.


"I mean, I had so many of the neighbors stop and say how beautiful it looked," said Byron.

But he's been getting letters that say the front and side yards must be sod. 

One goes on to say that he can use Florida friendly plants, that is, drought-resistant and environmentally friendly, in only a few small areas, not everywhere. 

WESH 2 News was not able to reach the HOA.


Byron said state law is on his side -- that he has the right to use hardscaping and Florida-friendly plants and he won't budge.

"It hurts. It is hard dealing with," said Byron. "It is overwhelming for me and my wife. She has problems sleeping."

A letter from the HOA gives Byron 10 days to replace the stone with grass.