Flag fight continues with $1 million countersuit

Article and Video Courtesy of Local 10 News

By Erica Bennett  

Published October 2, 2014

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JACKSONVILLE -- The last few years have been a revolving cycle for 72 year-old Larry Murphree.
"Same flag, same flowerpot, same everything,’ he explained.


We last sat down with Murphree in the summer -- when he found out his homeowner's association was threatening foreclosure. He's offered to pay fees but claims the HOA wouldn't work with him. Now, he's fighting back with a 64-page, $1 million countersuit.

“We’ve tried and we've tried. They won't take the money. All they want is to get me out of here. The only thing to stop this thing is to file a lawsuit, which we did,” Murphree continued.

Murphree said it all started when he put an American flag in his flowerpot. The HOA fined him for it and allegedly took away his clubhouse privileges. They eventually changed the rules and tried to reach a settlement -- but Murphree wasn't having it.

We tried reaching the Sweetwater by Del Webb Master Homeowner’s Association, but didn't get a response. We did however get our hands on this email from the law group that represents them.


In it, the lawyer confirms Murphree's fear: “The Association's Board of Directors has instructed me to proceed with foreclosure on the property as a result of past due assessments."

Murphree says he's not backing down.

“The flag never loses. If I have to leave here, I'll take that pot with the flag in it -- and it's going to stay in it."

The Association released this statement late Monday afternoon:

"Our community’s board members met with our legal team on Friday? regarding a lawsuit filed against the community by a resident. Our attorneys are now reviewing the claims made against us, and will continue to advise us in responding to them. We do not believe it is appropriate to litigate such matters in the media, and we will not do so. Accordingly, we respectfully urge all parties to exercise caution with respect to rumors and the like, and to allow this matter to be addressed in the appropriate legal forum."