Homeowner wins American flag battle against HOA

Article and Video Courtesy of Ch.47 ActionNewsJax

By Erica Bennett

Published April 15, 2012

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- As a veteran, father and taxpaying citizen... Larry Murphree never imagined the U.S. flag would be a problem.

According to his Homeowner's Association-- it was. Since December, he's been fined everyday for flying one in a flowerpot.

"It got uncomfortable and people got upset one way or the other," he said.

Murphree and his attorney quickly got to work. They filed a lawsuit against the HOA, did research-- and ploughed foward.

"When I saw state and federal law was on my side, I knew it should be taken care of," he continued. 


But it wasn't taken care of right away. It took the HOA being served papers to pay attention. Now, all parties have reached an agreement and dropped the lawsuit.

Murphree's attorney fees will be paid for, his rights will be restored at the clubhouse, and most importantly... his patriotism can stay.

"I can display the American flag, which is exactly and the only thing I want," he said.

We tried speaking to the HOA about the settlement...but we were told no comment and we couldn't come in the clubhouse.

Murphree says he's not worried about their response either way. He just wants to put things behind him, and enjoy his retirment...rights intact.

"Hopefully, we'll get back to the sweet life in Sweetwater," he said.

News of Murphree's victory spread quickly. Already, he's gotten several congratulatory emails from people in other states.

In 2006, President Bush signed a bill into law...freely allowing homeowners to fly the U.S. flag. That law is what helped Murphree win his case.

Fight over the American flag