Credit Card Scam May Be Linked To Miami Condo Shooting

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 4 -- CBS Miami

By Summer Knowles

Published May 11, 2013

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CBS Miami – Some residents of a luxury condo in Downtown Miami have expressed concerns about security after a weekend shooting inside the building which injured three men.

“It was quite a shock to see guns draw and blood everywhere,” said Andy Kemp who lives in the Opera Tower condominium on Bayshore Drive. “I thought it was drug related.”

The shooting occurred Sunday around 10:30 a.m. The three men injured have been identified as Shawn Jenkins, Devin Hall, and Davon Reeves.

According to police one of the men claimed to be a tenant locked out of apartment 1906. After the security guard retrieved the extra key, he accompanied both the “tenant” and another man to the front door. Once the door to the condo was unlocked, the gunshots were fired.

CBS4 News partners The Miami Herald, who obtained relevant search warrants, reports when police arrived inside the Opera Tower condo 

building detectives found drugs, driver’s licenses from multiple states, bank documents, several fake credit cards and plastic cardstock used to make credit cards and printers.

A check of county records didn’t indicate if any of the injured men lived in the building.

Some residents said they were concerned if the men who were escorted to and let into apartment didn’t actually live there.


“If that is what happened then that is a security breach in my opinion. If we don’t have the resources to get into the building, there needs to be verification that we are residents there. That to me is just basic security 101,” said building resident Lee Carlson.

“I think like with everything else once something shocking happens, it’s easy to say ‘oh, you should’ve done this and you should’ve done that’. You just do the best you can don’t you really, and if lucky you are not other line of fire,” said Kemp.

Christian Castro said he was working his convenience story in the lobby when he saw two of

the people who had been shot. He said both were conscious but one had been shot in the hand and the other in the back. He said he didn’t hear the gunshots, but did recognize two of the men as regular customers.

“I know the guys, I always see the guys in the building,” said Castro.

The third injured person, Reeves, was located on the 30th floor where police say he was knocking on doors asking for help. Monday, cell phone video taken on the 30th floor showed blood smears near the doorway of unit 3005.

Miami police have not said if the shooting was linked to the phony credit card/driver’s license scam.

No arrests have been made.