No Hoop For You: Suburb Bans Goals

Homeowner: Board Should Worry About More Important Things

Article and Video Courtesy of News4Jax

By Kent Justice

Published October 8, 2010

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One neighborhood in Clay County is family-friendly, unless you're Mike Kabernagel and you've got a portable basketball hoop at the end of your driveway.


Kabernagel's hoop has been outside his home for nearly two years, but the Oakleaf East Property Owner's Association changed a rule in April and gave Kabernagel notice in June that the goal can't stay there when it's not being used.


"It's extremely frustrating. I believe the board of directors at Oakleaf East missed a real opportunity to engage the community and solicit feedback before they adopted this rule," Kabernagel said.

One of Kabernagel's concerns was moving the tall, heavy goal. He said it's difficult for him and would be even harder for his wife or 13-year-old son attempting to move it up and down the driveway.


"It's labeled as portable because you can tilt it back and it has wheels," Kabernagel said. "But it weighs about 175 pounds. A 13-year-old boy, coupled with my wife, is not going to move this hoop."


Kabernagel said he wants the property owner's association to focus on other, more important things.


His neighbor, Tracie Ryan, agrees.


"We have other issues," Ryan said. "We have 

pools with no fences. We have trampolines with no fences. There's garbage in the gutters that's not being taken care of."


The property owner's association still wants the hoop removed, and a board member said in a phone interview Thursday that the board is concerned with vacant homes, unkempt yards and issues the board member called "huge."


Kabernagel and his neighbor admitted they haven't attended any of the board's meetings.


Most of the 2,221 homeowners in the area do not, the board said.