HOA Wants Man To Tear Down Home Rebuilt After Airplane Crash

Man's Wife, Son Killed In 2007 Crash

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LOCAL6.com, Orlando

Published September 9, 2008


A Sanford man whose wife and son were killed when an airplane crashed into their home may have to tear down his rebuilt house because a homeowners' association said he is breaking their rules.
Joe Woodard's wife and son were killed in the July 2007 crash, and he's been building a new home on the same lot for the past year.

"I felt I was helping the community move forward with their lives because every time you see an empty lot or a burned house, you continue to live through all the memories of what happened," Woodard said.

But the House of Management Enterprises, which represents the homeowners' association, said the home, which is a few

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weeks from being completed, does not fit their standards and are demanding that the house be torn down.

House of Management Enterprises and their attorney refused to comment about the situation, Local 6 News reported.

According to Woodard, the association wants him to build the exact home he had before.

"The room my wife and I had together, the room my son had ... I don't want to relive everything day by day over again," Woodard said.

In a letter sent to Woodard from the attorney of the homeowners' association, three specific items were mentioned. The shingles on the home and the elevation are not consistent with the community, and the home extends a few feet longer in the back than association standards allow, the letter stated.

"It doesn't bother me. I've seen far worse things than a house sticking out in the back farther than it should be," neighbor Jerry Martin said.

Woodard said he hopes something can we worked out by attorneys, so he can move in as soon as possible.

"I just want to know, why would they not want me to build this house?" Woodard said.