Rat infestation plagues Naples condo

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 7 -- ABC

Fort Myers 

Published December 7, 2015



Naples - Rats crawling in the walls, floors covered in feces, and an unbearable smell have wreaked havoc for a Lakewood condo owner for far too long.

Thankfully, the feces is cleaned up, but the management company said they've had pest control in to put rat traps all over the complex. But in the building, the smell is just terrible. It's so bad that the person living here has stuffed all of the vents with dryer sheets and scent fresheners.

"It's something that you just can't imagine. The smell of vinegar doesn't take it out deodorizers," said the anonymous condo owner. "You can hear them all through the night and all through the day climbing up the walls falling down the walls." 

Walk into this Lakewood condo and it's instant. It just carries on and carries on carries on. For months this resident, who doesn't want to show her face on camera, said her home has smelled like death.

There's a rat trap ready to go off just awaiting its victim.

"I think wow! That's unbelievable. I haven't seen anything like that near my building," said Lakewood resident Frank Reeves.

Lakewood resident Bob Reed has seen and smelled the rats too. The smell lingers on for weeks

"It crawled up on the inside of the dryer and I thought I'd be smart I'll just turn it on and scare it, but I cooked it instead," said Reed.

ABC7 showed Lakewood II's board of directors the pictures of the rat infestation. When asked if he's seen the problem before, Lakewood II's Board of Directors member Wayne Price said, "Yes, absolutely."


He told us it's a common problem -- and his association has their complex under control, but doesn't cover Lakewood III, which is the plagued condo.

"We know they crawl in through the dryer vent, chew through the plastic hose," said Price.

So we called up Alliance Management who said they're spending upwards of $4,000 in pest control alone, but people living at Lakewood II say it's not nearly enough.

ABC7 contacted code enforcement to see if they know about the problem but have yet to hear back.