Longboat Key condo owner claims hidden cameras were for sex parties
Wayne Natt faces additional video voyeurism charges

Article and Video Courtesy of News Channel 8

By John Rogers    

Published December 1, 2017



LONGBOAT KEY – Longboat Key Police said Wayne Natt was hit with more felony charges after additional victims came forward saying they were secretly recorded nude in his condo.

Natt owns a condo at 623 Cedars Court. He frequently rented it out over the website, Airbnb.

Recently, a couple vacationing from Indiana discovered a hidden camera and microphone inside a smoke detector in the master bedroom. There was also another hidden camera in a smoke detector in the living room.

Police discovered the camera captured video of the couple. When they further investigated, they found many videos dating back to 2008.

Natt explained to detectives that he is a swinger and he uses the hidden cameras to record sex parties. He insisted his partners were aware of the recording and he claimed the cameras were turned off while Airbnb guests were present.


However, police say that is not the case. Since News Channel 8 aired a story last month, numerous people have come forward saying they were recorded without their knowledge.

Natt now faces a total of four felony charges, but officials expect many more charges to come.

They are still working to identify victims in the recovered videos. Some of the victims are from his sex parties, but many are also from his Airbnb rentals.

“We’re just kinda going down, methodically going through these systems and identifying people and speaking to them to see if they did have knowledge whether they were being videotaped or not,” said Lt. Bourque.

In the meantime, the Town of Longboat Key is beginning the process of seizing the property from Wayne Natt. Town officials will not condone this behavior.

“We’re all in support of that, making a good example of a bad thing,” said local resident Bob Bunting.

If you have any information, call Longboat Key Police.