Residents feud with HOA

Video Courtesy of Channel 8 News, Tampa

Reporting By Shannon Behnken

Published September 27, 2012

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Residents in the Willowbrook neighborhood dealing with mold and crumbling condos see workers in the neighborhood. But they weren't happy to see them because they don't know what they're doing. "We don't know what they are repairing, " Delgado says. 


Residents don't trust their builder KB Homes. 


After years of band aid repairs and living in construction zones some say they won't allow KB Home contractors inside their homes to do anymore work. 


The balconies and buildings are owned by the association. So even if residents don't want these workers  here, they have to allow access to at least some of them. 


But homeowners say that nobody has informed him of what this deal involved.


"We're at a standstill because they won't give us any information." 


Workers assembled scaffolding so they can get a better look at the balconies. Residents say they have no idea how long workers will be here or what repairs they're going to do.

About sixty of the homeowners complain of leaks, mold and balconies caving in. KB has said it wants to repair the condos with homeowners having the right to choose the contractors. 

But that's not enough to convince the owners. KB started major renovations in some homes more


than a year ago. It all seems to be too little too late.


The Florida attorney general's office has received numerous complaints about Willowbrook and other KB neighborhoods. A spokesperson says the office is reviewing those complaints. Meanwhile, KB Homes says it is excited to begin repairs in Willowbrook and is confident those condos can be fixed.