Heathrow residents petition against proposed housing development

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 9 -- WFTV

Published September 13, 2012

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A group of Heathrow residents who live next to 32 acres of natural land are preparing to give Seminole County commissioners a petition—and a piece of their minds—next Tuesday. 

The land could turn into a new housing development if the county commission gives developers permission to clear the land into 75 lots for new homes. 

Kathy Sutton lives next to the land, and said the beautiful, pristine forest is part of the charm of living in Heathrow. 

"They are going to mow down the entire green space," Sutton said. "Mow it down, I mean, completely level it." 


Residents said there are already plenty of homes for sale in the existing neighborhood near the land. 


WFTV learned there are 157 homes for sale in the Lake Mary/Heathrow area, but only 12 are priced for first-time home buyers—the very buyers, local realtors said, at which the new development would be aimed.


Still, Sutton and the rest of the opposition are putting up a fight that will soon head to county commission chambers. 

"I got about 120 signatures of homeowners who are 100 percent against this development," Sutton said. "We want the county commission to listen to existing homeowners, to listen to the people." 

The land is private property, WFTV learned, and developing the property is within the rights of the owner. 


The developer, Taylor Morrison of Florida, could not be reached for comment.