Poinciana HOA believes money being mismanaged

Article and Video Courtesy of Channel 9 News

By Nancy Alvarez    

Published April 9, 2015



OSCEOLA COUNTY -- The president of the homeowner's association in Poinciana is accusing the property management company of mishandling the HOA's money. 


Channel 9 anchor Nancy Alvarez learned that he wants the state attorney's office to get involved. 

A letter was sent to the state attorneys for Osceola and Polk counties by the president of the association.

The letter accuses the company hired to handle Poinciana's business of mishandling millions of dollars. The letter states that at least $2 million is missing.

Mark Maldonado is the general manager of First Services Residential. He told Alvarez that he doesn't know why his management company is facing the accusations and he vowed to get to the bottom of it.

"Is there any proof to this? To what (the HOA is) alleging?" Alvarez asked Maldonado.
"Absolutely not, absolutely not. Our books are open," Maldonado said.

He told Alvarez that he was seeing the letter for the first time.

According to the letter, the property management company handles about $15 million for the community. The letter calls for an audit that will include the last two years of spending.

Some residents who spoke to Alvarez said they won't be satisfied until an independent investigation confirms every penny they've put into their community is accounted for.

"Poinciana needs to wake up. Poinciana needs to get involved. This is our money," resident Valentin Ramos said.

The HOA board has called for a special meeting about the concerns Friday.