Underwear-Hanging Homeowner Talks To WFTV

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Channel 9 WFTV.COM, Orlando

Published March 13, 2010

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A man hung women's underwear all over his yard and painted a witch on his $300,000 home. The man who owns the house calls himself "Prince Mongo."


WFTV went to his home on Venetian Way to find out why he's doing it.


All of this is apparently the result of a fight. Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges used to have a deck on the side of the house, but he was forced to tear it down and blames neighbors and county officials. Hodges calls what he has done art and even communicates with his home planet.


"Everyone wants to go to my planet. They're sick

of what’s going on on Earth. The Earth is going to be destroyed," he told WFTV.


With his descriptions of another planet, his outlandish outfits and occasional outbursts, it's tempting to ignore Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges. But it's impossible to ignore his home and what it has done to his neighborhood.


Surrounded in underwear, odd decorations and outlandish paint, it has started to draw crowds of sightseers and has angered neighbors.


"They kind of started a war with me. And, after they started the war, I'm like anybody else, I just had to defend myself," he said.


Mongo, as he likes to be called, blames his neighbors for forcing him to tear out a deck he didn't have a permit for.


"They don't understand that other people have to live on Earth with them and they just want to rule and govern," Mongo said.


So he started to be artistic, he said, not to antagonize, but to communicate. Since he started receiving code violations from Volusia County, he's put them on a stake and said he will fight them.


"The people running the government here, they're very politicized. They don't act according to the law," he said.


Mongo has fought government before in Tennessee and demonstrated he has the money for long court battles. Volusia County is still adding up his fines, but has no legal recourse right now, outside the code violations, to force Mongo to restore his home's condition.


"I've been getting an awful lot of compliments about fighting for the rights that we have," Mongo said.


Prince Mongo said he may even consider running for office, like he's done several times in Tennessee.

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