HOA wants Palm Coast man to remove wounded warriors flag from home

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WFTV.com Channel 9; Orlando 

By Mark Joyella

Published February 1, 2014

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PALM COAST -- A Palm Coast man said he's racking up hundreds in fines for refusing to take down a flag that supports America's wounded warriors.

Tom Bagnoli took Channel 9 into his back yard where he's got a modest flagpole with the American flag on top and a small flag supported wounded warriors below it.

"I wanted to stand up for something, which I thought was important, not only to me, but all these kids, men and women fighting over there," said Bagnoli.

The wounded warriors flag went up a year ago, but late last year, Bagnoli said he got a notice that the flag had to come down. 

The Grand Haven homeowners' association said it violated the rules.

Bagnoli said he was told he could fly the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine flags, as well prisoner-of-war and missing-in-action flags, just not the wounded warriors flag.


"He says you 'got to take it down or you're going to get a $100 a day fine,'" said Bagnoli.

The Grand Haven Master Association did not respond to Channel 9's request for an interview, but Bagnoli said he's made his plans clear: When the war in Afghanistan ends, he'll bring down the flag, but until then, it stays.

"I've gotten notices from people saying keep up the good work, don't back down and stuff like that," he said. "And I won't. I feel it's necessary."

Bagnoli's said the homeowners' association can fine him no more than a total of $1,000 and he's already there. He said if the association wants to put a lien on his home, it can have the money whenever he decides to sell.

Bagnoli said he's gotten plenty of support from friends and strangers, saying one person even offered to pay the $1,000 fine for him as long as he kept the flag flying.