Elderly Couple Says They Are Being Bullied Out Of Their Condo

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WFTV Channel 9 -- ABC

ORLANDO -- Daytona Beach

Published July 28, 2007


Couple Comes Home From Vacation

To Find Locks Changed

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An elderly Orange County couple returned from vacation to find the locks on their condo had been changed.

They fear they're being bullied out of their home. Geny Castanheir Santos said a new investor at the Walden Green condos told her and her husband they had to pay him $1,000 a month or sell their place to him for a third of the value.

"I don't know what to do," Santos said.

The investor, Robert Bove said the lock was replaced because the condo was leaking, however the Santos' had left a key.

A letter from Bove's company detailed plans to turn the property into low income housing and to try to buy the condos. Bove denied it.