Condos In Disrepair Leave Residents Angry

Article and Video Courtesy Channel 9, Orlando

By Jeff Deal

Published July 15, 2010

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Some Orange County condo owners are living with a nasty green swimming pool and large holes in the buildings even though the owners pay more than $250 a month in homeowner association dues.


WFTV learned Tuesday that the property managers at the Silver Pines Apartments on Pine Chase Drive, near Silver Star Road, won't do anything to fix the problems.


Brenda Mallard has a nice condo inside, but it's the outside she's worried about.


“I'm angry, yes, I am angry because it's ridiculous," Mallard said.


Four the past four years, she's seen the place go from bad to worse and she's not the only one who feels that way.


"It's just bad, man, it's just really bad," condo owner James White said.


There are holes under the eaves, you can look straight into the attic at night, and people there say they hear animals running around inside. Then there's the swimming pool, which is filled with green goop. No one has gone swimming there in years.


Raymonde Obas says her ceiling falls in every time it rains.


"When it's raining, it's coming straight down, the 

rain coming down on the floor. I have to put a bucket to pick up water," she said.


Obas has replaced it on her own four times and, to top it all off, she and many of her neighbors pay more than $250 a month in homeowners’ association dues.


"With my money I pay every month, why can't they fix this?" Mallard said.


WFTV went to World of Homes Property Management to find out why they have not fixed the problems. Reporter Jeff Deal talked to general manager Randy Treadwell.


"Do you think that's right, they're paying all that money and they've got holes in the ceiling?” Deal asked.


“I'm not going to comment on it,” Treadwell replied.


“What are you doing with the money, where does it go?” Deal asked.

“Again, the board of directors is working on that, that's the only comment I'm going to make," he said.


Residents are left wondering if anyone is really working on anything and why the problems haven't been fixed sooner.


Orange County Code Enforcement has cited World of Homes Management for the pool. The Building Department may also be looking at damage to the building.